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QCustomPlot saveJpg not working on all computers

  • Hello all

    I use QCustomPlot for diagrams and I am really happy with it. On my developing machines the export of Jpg does work fine. But on the PCs of my colleagues, it produces a 0byte file (but with correct name)

    Has anyone met such a problem too?


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    Did you deploy the application on your colleague's machine ?
    If so how did you do it ?
    Did you check that you have also the image formats plugins deployed ?

  • Hi thanks for such a quick response.

    I have deployed the software by InnoSetup, including all the libraries. Are there special libraries needed for qcustomplot that I can include?

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    Did you use windeployqt to prepare the files before making the installer with InnoSetup ?

    Jpeg support has nothing to with QCustomPlot unless they wrote their own version.

  • I never heard of or used windeployqt.

    That is new o me - I will try. Any tipps on how to make it easy fo a newbie?

  • I used it and it created some .ddl files. are those the ones I need to include in InnoSetup?

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    If you put your executable in an empty folder and call windeplyoqt in it, it should give you a functional application with all dependencies needed that you can pack with InnoSetup.

  • That's what I did, but the saveJpeg still does not work.

    windeployqt generated a lot of files which I completely included into the InnoSetup process and they all are installed.
    Included are files like qjpeg.dll or qico.dll which I assume as the libraries that were missing.

    Is there a chance to rtreive an error message when QCustomPlot can't export correctly because of a missing dll?

  • Do the imageformats/*.dll have to be in exactly that folder or in the system folder of windows?

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    Don't put anything in the system folder, that's very bad practice.

    The layout of the folders besides your application is described in the documentation I linked before.

    windeployqt should be doing the right job in that regard.

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