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"ABC - Extended" macOS Keyboard stealing kb shortcuts?

  • I am seeing a very strange problem where one of my QActions takes over a particular key sequence after a few triggers when I use the "ABC - Extended" keyboard in macOS. This is difficult to reproduce precisely. I have:

    • actionZoom_Out which uses the "Ctrl+-" key sequence set in Creator.
    • actionHide_Layers which uses the "Ctrl+Alt+L" key sequence set in Creator.

    If I trigger these actions a few times then actionZoom_Out receives all "Ctrl+Alt+L" key sequences, even though qDebug() << actionZoom_Out->shortcut().toString(); still prints out... "Ctrl+-" from the slot connected to actionZoom_Out.

    QObject::sender() from the connected slot returns actionZoom_Out. If I set the macOS keyboard to "U.S" then the problem goes away. I would produce a simple example that exhibited this behavior but my app is quite complex and this would be difficult.

    Has anyone seen anything like this before?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Might be a silly question but does it also happen if you change the shortcuts ?

  • It does not occur when I change actionHide_Layers (Ctrl+Alt+L) to (Ctrl+Shift+L). This indicates to me that the "ABC - Extended" keyboard is actually sending Ctrl+- key event when Ctrl+Alt+L is pressed.


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    I do wonder at what level this happens...

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