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Application keeps quitting or destroying the root QML object?

  • Source code: https://github.com/lukesalisbury/humble-crap

    The above source code, after a bit shuts down printing to console '[FILE] ReferenceError: parent is not defined' for each file. Normally it happens while update a ListView using data from LocalStorage or prosaic-download-queue.cpp, but it currently happens when the script adds a couple of items to prosaic-download-queue.cpp.

    As it does not crash, I'm having a hard time finding out what the issues is with the code. I have seen it happen with QT 5.9/5.10/5.11, as well with mingw, vc++ and linux gcc. I hoping that someone knows the cause or how to find it.

    A Test program using prosaic-download-queue.cpp, https://github.com/lukesalisbury/QMLDownloader , doesn't seem to have the same issues.

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