drawText cannot draw latin word correctly

  • Hi All:
    I am using QT 4.7.3 under embedded linux platform.
    I got a problem.

    I use command (mount -o iocharset=iso8859-1,utf8) to mount usb disk.
    and get the file name list in QT application.
    And there is a file that name is FüllungRaupeStep
    The file name could be show correctly in linux console.
    But , it shows FüllungRaupeStep in my GUI when I invoke QPainter.drawText to show it.
    I tried to show it by qDebug

    the result as following.

    QString text = tr("FüllungRaupeStep");
    qDebug() << text; //output is FüllungRaupeStep (O)
    qDebug() << text.toUtf8(); //output is FüllungRaupeStep(X)
    qDebug() << text.toLatin1(); //output is FüllungRaupeStep(O)

    painter.drawText(rect, align_flag, text.toLatin1()); //output is FüllungRaupeStep(X)
    painter.drawText(rect, align_flag, text.); //output is FüllungRaupeStep(X)
    painter.drawText(rect, align_flag, text.toUtf8()); //output is FüllungRaupeStep(X)

    Does any one have idea?

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    @yifong Could be the font. You could try another font using http://doc.qt.io/archives/qt-4.8/qpainter.html#setFont

  • Hi:
    Thanks for reply.

    I think it is not font problem , because ü could be show if I use following method.
    painter.drawText(rect, align_flag, QString(QChar(0x00FC)); // ü is showed correctly.
    So, the applied font is support to show ü. :)

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    the tr() methods expects the string to be latin-1 encoded. By passing "ü" the latin-1 representation is "ü" (of "ü" from UTF-8)
    So you are advised to pass only ASCII characters to tr() and translate them later (what i assume is your intention in the first place since you use tr()).

    If you don't want the string be translated simply use QString::fromUtf8("FüllungRaupeStep")

  • @raven-worx
    Thanks for your answer
    You are right .
    Finally I solve this problem by following method.

    painter.drawText(rect, align_flag, QString::fromUtf8(qPrintable(text)));
    "ü" could be show correctly. :)

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