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Android APK build error

  • Hi,
    When I try to compile I get the following message:
    **17:37:33: The process "C:\Qt\Qt5.11.0\5.11.0\android_armv7\bin\androiddeployqt.exe" exited with code 2.
    Error while building/deploying project Test1 (kit: Android for armeabi-v7a (GCC 4.9, Qt 5.11.0 for Android armv7))
    When executing step "Build Android APK" **

    What is code 2 and how can I fix this?
    Thank you.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @gabor53 What do you see before the lines you posted?

  • @jsulm
    I tried to repeat the error instead I got this:
    08:14:04: Running steps for project Test1...
    08:14:04: Configuration unchanged, skipping qmake step.
    08:14:04: Starting: "C:\android-ndk-r17b\prebuilt\windows-x86_64\bin\make.exe"
    make: Nothing to be done for `first'.
    08:14:09: The process "C:\android-ndk-r17b\prebuilt\windows-x86_64\bin\make.exe" exited normally.
    08:14:09: Removing directory C:\Programming\Android\Learn\Test1\Test1\android-build/assets
    08:14:19: Removing directory C:\Programming\Android\Learn\Test1\Test1\android-build/libs
    08:14:20: Starting: "C:\android-ndk-r17b\prebuilt\windows-x86_64\bin\make.exe" "INSTALL_ROOT=C:\Programming\Android\Learn\Test1\Test1\android-build" install
    C:\Qt\Qt5.11.0\5.11.0\android_armv7\bin\qmake.exe -install qinstall -exe C:\Programming\Android\Learn\Test1\Test1\android-build\libs\armeabi-v7a\
    08:14:24: The process "C:\android-ndk-r17b\prebuilt\windows-x86_64\bin\make.exe" exited normally.
    08:14:24: Starting: "C:\Qt\Qt5.11.0\5.11.0\android_armv7\bin\androiddeployqt.exe" --input C:/Programming/Android/Learn/Test1/Test1/ --output C:/Programming/Android/Learn/Test1/Test1/android-build --android-platform android-28 --jdk "C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.8.0_162" --gradle
    Generating Android Package
    Input file: C:/Programming/Android/Learn/Test1/Test1/
    Output directory: C:/Programming/Android/Learn/Test1/Test1/android-build/
    Application binary: C:/Programming/Android/Learn/Test1/Test1/
    Android build platform: android-28
    Install to device: No
    At this point it stops and doesn't do anything.

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    @gabor53 You need to do a rebuild to reproduce

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