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N950 developer edition devices there is no File-manager.

  • In my n950 developer edition devices there is no File-manager in menu list.Is there any way to install File-manger on device? if yes plz tell me the url to download the file-manager’s installation file.

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    Look on the Ovi Store. I know there's at least one file manager app for the n950 available. Just do a package search.

  • @mlong" I am experiencing - as many other persons - that it is not so simple to manage Ovi Store on N950. It seems in continuous develompent and update and not all the times the apis works fine from the device.

    @DanSiddiqui: it is true that you have not a real file manager (I have no idea of what's happens in future) but there is a good terminal emulator that you can use on the device or remotely when the SDK connector is running. FYI, to login via ssh on the device (need a wireless connection) the root password is rootme if I remember.

  • You can also use the file list model you find on doc:

    It is a very basic file management but it works. i have used it fo manage files in a couple of applications and works on all platforms: tried on symbian, desktop and Harmattan. This example need a labs component to be imported but at the link above you'll find code and all what you need to run it standalone or in your application.

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