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different position in TabAndHoldGesture and TabGesture Class

  • Hi,
    I have played with the QGestureEvent, and I found the position : function in the TabAndHoldGesture and TabGesture Class is different for the same position on the screen.
    Can anyone please help me to understand this

    Thank you all

  • I think i found it.
    In the source code qstandardgesture.ccp, the position of the TabGesture in line 442:

    d->position = ev->touchPoints().at(0).pos();

    the position of the TabAndHoldGesture in line 538:

    d->position = ev->touchPoints().at(0).startScreenPos();

    The TabAndHoldGesture use the ScreenPos() and the TabGesture the pos() function of the QTouchEvent Class.
    I think this is a bug or not ??

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