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Random exits code -1073741819 after switch to PySide2

  • Hey there!
    I finally updated my app from Python 3.4 /PySide1 to Python 3.6.5/PySide2 (technical preview 5.11.0): ( if you're interested)

    Now I pretty frequently but still randomly get apprupt exits with code -1073741819 aka 0xc0000005 aka ACCESS VIOLATION?

    I wish I could tell you a line where it happens but there is no exception thrown no traceback possible. It just pops with this code. I'm kinda baffled. The actions that I do are pretty basic. From widget redraws to list fills, brush changes ... Nothing that caused any problems on PySide1 ever!

    So how can I debug stuff like this? Sometimes I think I tracked it and when I then step into it: It doesn't happen anymore! Its gone in debug! But other times it pops with debug mode as well!

    Probably I should compile Qt for Python, run it in debug and step in there via Visual Studio? Or should I just wait for the technical preview phase to be over?

    Or are there some suggestions/guidelines for how to do things more solid with PySide objects? How to properly do multi inheritence and use super() and stuff ..?

    Sorry for wall of text. But it seems like a heisenbug.

  • Hey! Thanks for all the views already :]

    I just discovered the pre-releases section here: , uninstalled the technical preview and gave it a shot with a package from there. Seems much more stable so far 🤔

    I'll have a look at it. So thats already promising for a future release!

  • I think I solved it!
    Although I didn't have a clue what caused it exactly I once just stepped through the whole thing and made some changes accordingly.

    Here is the commit that made my app work again.
    Basically made a widget in a tab page with some HTML content arranged in Qt Designer load on demand and not on startup right away.

    It mostly crashed when the translation kicked in on the setText like self.a2license_text.setText(QtWidgets.QApplication.translate( ...and here the HTML stuff ...

    And then I added some more on demand widget builds removing about 80 widgets from the startup. Probably better to have it as slim as possible anyway.

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