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Flickering Animation

  • Hi, I have been trying create some UI elements using the SequentialAnimation, ParallelAnimation, ScaleAnimator and PropertyAnimation with easing and I'm getting flickering in my results.

    Here's a GIF of my animation, the top is my Flash/Adobe Animate prototype and the bottom is my Qt App with a similar animation. I'm surprised that Qt is dropping frames so much.
    I have noticed something that improves it which is when Qt app window is dragged off the edge of the on the screen, so less than half of the window is visible it runs smoothly. I'm on OSX 10.13, so is it that Qt doesn't play nice when rendering on OSX or is this something that happens across platforms?

    I also can't let it go that the Flash IDE is still so much quicker create the same effect in than Qt. It took me less than a minute to make that in Flash whilst Qt took me an hour the first time with inconsistent docs and settings. I still have to build prototypes in Flash because of the speed that it works at to do my design and iterations there and then try to rebuild them in Qt.

    To give an idea of what I'm eventually aiming towards is something like the first few seconds of animation in this Altia demo below. That's going to be possibly more than a hundred animated elements. Do people do that kind of animation inside of Qt or because it's so clunky to implement and flickers, you just render out videos that have Qt UI elements overlaid on it?

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    Try if it renders smoother with Animator component.

  • Hi, thank you, I was able to try this and it helped a bit, it did run more smoothly. I found that it still occasionally glitches in some animations and that falls out of sync with others. So it helps but didn't solve it. Thanks for your response.

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