How to get Qml Dial to have a full 360 degrees range?

  • So I am using Dial in my code, however the Dial only "rotates" from -140 to 140 which is less than 360 degrees. How can I achieve a full range of motion, allow the user to get full range of motion?

    My simple code:
    Dial{ id: control; to: 1; from: 0; // however 1.0 is not 360 }

  • @daljit97
    Except i'm wrong, the Dial Component haven't support by default to change the maximum or maximum angle of rotation but you can implement a component by yourself with this feature.

    • Create a Item with background image
    • Insert a neadle image with rotation transform
    • Implement an animation in the neadle when the rotation angle number changes.

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