The best way to combine MinGW and MYSQL?

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    32 bit compilations are not supported everywhere anymore.

    After changing my desktop and the requirement to install everything fresh I have encountered yet another MYSQL driver problem with MinGW on win10 64 bit.

    I am still using Qt 5.4, but I can certainly change to a newer version. However, it does not solve my MYSQL problem. Since still only MinGW 32 bit comiler is used for prebuilds, it will not change anything.

    I have basically an application which is using MYSQL and it was working with Qt 5.4.2 and MYSQL. The new installers of MYSQL are always installing a 64 bit version. When I am using the libraries for bridging from QMYSQL to MYSQL, Qt returns an error that MYSQL is not installed. It does not really surprise me since I have a mix of 32 and 64 bit versions in use.

    I have tried to find a suitable 32 bit MYSQL driver set(up) without success.

    Since I have compiled Qt 5.9.x already with MinGW 64bit compiler, I started to add also the QMYSQL driver compilation with 64 bit MinGW, but failed.

    Did someone manage to find a solution path through the jungle of traps?

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