[solved] Ovi Store not working on my N950

  • Hello all,

    I recently been prompted to install an update for Ovi Store app on N950 developer device I have. Before this update, it showed coming soon.

    Now after the update I see some games and apps in Ovi Store, I can see descriptions, screenshots as well as reviews. However, whenever I try to download anything, I'm asked to login to my Ovi account.

    When I try to login, I always get "Service unavailable" error. Even when I try to create new account. It's just the same error.

    I'd like to know how other users are able to download and review the apps. And how I can enable Ovi Store for my device.


    // chall3ng3r //

  • Hi,

    OVI Store works well here, using WLAN.


  • Hi,

    Where are you connecting? I see that ovi store engine is working but network connection and data updates (few to be honest) are already unstable and not full reliable depending also by the localization of the device. I see that the N9 store is updating daily.

  • @chall3ng3r

    There is a bug already reported. It is related to the problem that you are facing. You could keep a watch on that thread


  • thanks for the reply guys,

    i reflashed my device with no result. looking forward for that reported bug getting fixed soon.

    // chall3ng3r //

  • i tried it just now with sign in and sign out multiple times, no issues so far for me.

  • I read the bug note and I have experienced somehting like this for a while. Then it disappeared like magically. Now reading the problem detail it seems that it is related to the fact the the same user is already logged from another phone. And it maybe that I was logged somewhere from my N900 or my E7-00 Not at the same time, but maybe.

    I think that a good test to be sure that the problem is focused on the N950 device is to create with a new mail account a new ovi account too (from the device itself or from the pc browser) and see if the problem disappear. The result of this test I think may help at least to solve the bug.

  • thanks for a nice tip.

    i will try first by logging out from my other devices, then try it on my N950.

    if that did not work, i will create a new login for testing. will post the results here.


    // chall3ng3r //

  • I am monitoring day by day the behavior or Ovi Store on the N950. Just to see how many things are published and I saw that not all day everything works fine. Sometimes I receive a api error and the store doesn't open at all. Another case the store opens only after a power-off / power-on of the device and there are some published applications that can't load because the error "data not found on the server".

    What it seems is that the actual version of OVi Store for Harmattan is already in a startup phase.

  • yaap, even i am not able to download any app so far. on download click it does not do anything.

    and past few days on press of menu button, menu would not appear or crash.

  • I think maybe a problem depending too from the location (i.e. the server you point to, your provider etc). As a matter of fact I thing that this feature is unstable. I have my N950 from the first days of augst. Nothing appened until the end of august when I saw some application on the Ovi Store. Before the application was hanging only. Now less, but happens too. Same sympthoms as yours. So, don't worry :) to see my published application from the N9 I had to wait that it was downloaded in the first 150 units :D:D:D

  • hopefully some device update should be provided by Nokia soon

  • I think yes, this is not the sole think that don't work good.

  • I have some problem too. first i detect Facebook not loggin in, and the error was "invalid password"!?!?!
    Second (today) i found maps report SSO Sign-In and is stopped at that screen.
    I deletet both accounts, and now, logging in into Nokai Account i receive instantly a error: "Unknown error. Try again later". I tryed log in form wifi and also GSM data, but same error.
    On using Facebook, i receive "can't save account"!?!?!?!

    When i try to add "Email account", i receive on first screen "Error", but i can add new email account, save it, and works perfectly.

  • All enjoying things that I saw. When I was unable to manage too the mail accounts, I reset the phone hardware (not reflashing) and started over again.
    i think that something is updating or changing from the server so with previous configurations stop working until you reset.

  • Finally I installed the new N950 firmware and now I can login to Ovi Store. Downloaded few apps and games. Working perfectly.

    Now working on my app to post on Ovi Store :D

    // chall3ng3r //

  • Which is the firmware you are referring to. I have this version V 1.2011.34-2_PR_RM680 and have the same issue. Getting Service unavailable error.

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