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Setting up Pyside2 + QtCreator on Windows 10 and creating my first project.

  • I'm a novice who is working on a Python personal project to learn more about gui development, and I switched from TKinter to Qt since Qt has much more to offer. I'm trying to build a windows desktop gui for my Python 3.6 application. I've been trying to set up Pyside2 + QtCreator on my Windows 10 machine(AMD Ryzen 5 1600 64-bit x64) and I've been constantly running into problems. I've tried the qt IRC, reddit, the python for qt getting started page, and multiple youtube videos(including the latest ones posted a few days ago on the official Qt youtube channel) to no avail. Here's what I did and what I'm having trouble with:

    What I did: Following this "Getting started with Qt for Python" tutorial posted 5 days ago on the official Qt youtube channel, I installed the latest .whl file(specifically the version PySide2-5.11.0a1.dev1528473776-5.11.1-cp35.cp36-none-win32.whl that was uploaded on 11 - jun-2018 10:38) from this Qt Downloads page. Additionally I downloaded the latest version of Qt from That's it; that's all I installed. I already had python 3.6.4.

    The problem: After completing those setup steps, I tried to create a project, but I ran into several problems. Firstly, during the "Kit Selection" phase of creating a project, almost all of the kits that are selected by default give me the error "No compiler set in kit" or "No debugger set up". Secondly, the project setup process seems to be trying to set up a C++ project, when I want to work with Pyside2 and Python. Thirdly, I can't see any of the qt designer drag and drop tools. Is qt designer a separate application or has its features been integrated into Qt Creator(haven't been able to get a clear answer on this).

    Here's an imgur album of every step in chronological order involved in my trying to create my first project with the aforementioned errors and issues, since I feel like it would be easier to communicate the steps & problems through images.

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    @RaisinBread22 I don't think QtCreator support Python development (but I could be wrong on this).
    Standalone designer is located in C:\Qt\5.10.1\mingw53_32\bin (change the Qt version in the path and compiler as needed).

  • Hi,
    When I installed Qt5 for windows I had some issues too. My issue for example was that no compiler was installed on my Win7 platform. Having not developed anything before on Windows I had to install it all from scratch.
    Here is a good URL to help you getting started:
    (when followed instructions here you should not have the "kit-selection issue anymore)

    Concerning Python and QtCreator; you will only be able to create a python file and create a QML file for example. There is no support for Python projects like there is for C++. QtCreator is mainly used for syntax highlighting. Nevertheless, you can still use Qtdesigner to build your gui and use python for backend.

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