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Designer refuses pushbutton name change

  • In Designer I added a pushbutton and gave is the name switch, but failed to notice that I did not include the _2 in the highlighting. When I tried to change switch_2 to switch I could no. Designer refused the change. I cut the pushbutton and added it anew and gave it the name switch, but Designer still calls it switch_2. How come? Can I change it or must I live with switch_2 when I really want switch?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    There is another widget on the form called switch.
    Then it will add the number to it.

  • I believe this button keep in your ui file and because it, you can't create another button with same name.
    You can try open the ui file with a text editor and remove manually the switch pushbutton.

  • I believe that it is a bug! In life we must live with our mistakes, but having irreversible code is a problem that we must live with. . . .

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Can you reproduce it a new blank form/project ?
    I highly doubt its a bug.
    I have never seen that except where the form already contain a widget with same name.
    Are you 100% sure there is not another widget on that form with same name ?

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