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Issue in QFrame::setFrameStyle while using with QApplication::setStyleSheet

  • Hi,
    In a Qt widget application, I'm using QApplication::setStyleSheet for setting the common style for the entire application. Also uses QFrame object in one of the classes in the application. I tried to set a specifics shape & shadow for the QFrame object using QFrame::setFrameStyle(QFrame::Box | QFrame::Raised) method, but the style not applied. But, while not applying the common stylesheet for the application, the QFrame style setting working properly. please help to sort the issue?
    has any issue there in setting the frame style and application style at the same time?
    Have any method to set QFrame::Box & QFrame::Raised styles for the frame object using stylesheet?

  • @BinuJanardhanan
    How about using a selector for your specific frame? Did you see the Style Sheet documentation?

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