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newbie question: how are the tools interrelated

  • Just downloaded Q5 and now have qtcreator, assistant, and designer icons on my desktop. Quickly looking at the qtcreator, this tool looks like it is the main tool to develop all kinds of projects, C, C++, even Android apps. The assistant looks like the manual for the whole thing, including the designer. And the designer looks like it is very oriented around developing with widgets. Very nice to develop GUIs. So are we supposed to develope with the widgets first and then use them in the creator to develop the whole package. They each look like they serve different purposes. Just looking quickly at the tutorials, each tutorial, at first site, seems to about it's tool, and not about using the other tools. A quick synopsis of how these tools are meant to be used together would be helpful for getting started with this development suite.

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    Creator is the IDE ( integrated development Environment )
    or plain said, the editor and project viewer.
    Designer is GUI design tool but its also integrated into Creator so
    its not needed to use the standalone version unless using python and not c++.
    assistant is the documentation tool. But help is also integrated
    in Creator on F1.

    So you can focus on getting to know Creator as its the main tool and also include both Docs
    and Designer.

    A good place to start is

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