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Hardware keyboard on simulator. Possible?

  • Hi

    My app mostly targets touch screen devices, but ones with hardware keyboard as well. Is there a way to simulate HW keyboard in Simulator? I can't find the way for it.

    I've got a funny bug that on devices with keyboard (in Nokia's Remote Device Access at least) every HW button pressed is registered as two keypresses in my app.

    I know that simulator can take input from the PC keyboard, but this way I can't reproduce the bug.

    Best regards,

  • In simulator if you simulate a non-touch device you see the device itself, including the keyboard. If the keyboard is not shown I think that maybe a problem of the code. Maybe ?

    Also on touch devices when you touch a text input field that has the correct focus management you see the on-screen keyboard appearing. A good way to try both the conditions I think maybe to simulate a touch and screen device.

  • I am probably missing something very basic :/

    I have latest SDK 1.1.3, start simulator, choose N97 and can't see any keyboard open.

  • I should check on my computer what it maybe. Tomorrow first I will try on my simulator and an app that I am sure how are managed the input fields so I can see what happens and will update this thread. (already set a note on the agenda)

  • For my own app I solved the problem by borrowing N97 from a friend (BTW, Remote Device Access, a good service otherwise, sucks with the simulation of keyboard presses).

    That said, it is still a bit of a problem that there's no keyboard based device in simulator.

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