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New project giving requires elevated permissions when run on Windows 10

  • I have written a number of applications in the past using Qt 5.5.1 MinGW without troubles. However, I've just started a new application which isn't much past the "blank MainWindow" phase, but when I build the Release version, two things happen:

    • The icon has the small blue and gold "shield" in the lower-right corner which I believe indicates that the application requires administrator access). When I run the program, I get the usual prompt for elevated permissions.
    • When I run the application then close it, sometimes I see a message that "This program might not have installed correctly".

    I've tried creating a new, blank application, then building a Release version straight away, and I get the same issue. What could be going on here?


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    I had your first problem when I runned a program named ...update... on Windows 7. names like 'install' also seem problematic.

    make sure this is not your prob.

    for the second one, i guess he does not find libraries, maybe because of the first prob.

  • That's hilarious. My program is called "updater". If I rename it to "test", the badge goes away and the program runs normally. Thanks!!!


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    ahah, yep, i had same issue with an app call setup.

  • OMW, in view of you guys' posts, Windoze sounds to me like it just gets better & better :)

    [P.S. OT: Anyone notice today that Microsoft has just bought GitHub....?]

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    In fact it does. Windows 10 is most stable OS i have ever used.
    Never crashed on me even when testing custom drivers.

    Under MS new command, they have become very open source friendly.
    You can install a complete linux subsystem and run most/tons of linux stuff
    out of the box.

    So unlike in old times, them buying GitHub, could be positive/ not an issue.

    But the start menu in windows 10 is a joke. Even after its return in new form.
    Even not a particular windows fan, calling it windoze is very 80-ish :)
    Much have changed since XP days.

  • @mrjj
    For Windows 8, I immediately replaced Start Menu with the free Classic Start Menu, best thing I ever did, made it like Win 7 and it made OS useable, you can also make it XP if you like that :)

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    hehe yes, classic menu is a must have after 8+
    I did try to use the new one for like 6 month but then gave up on it.

  • @mrjj
    I went further. Switched over to Linux (at least partially) :-)

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    Well i tried that but gimp is so far from photoshop
    and even that inkscape was ok for Corel Draw replacement, i missed
    some apps from the windows world and could not settle with the linux alternatives.
    Wine IS pretty cool but it was just too much hassle and it turned out that
    linux in virtual machine on top of windows gave the best of both worlds.

    But if i could only use one OS, it would be some linux distro as it wins
    hands down in most areas that matters.

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