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I have problems with the TextField

  • Greetings .. a few days ago I am trying to enable the copy / paste menu of the android system when I press and hold on a text field on Android, but nothing comes out.
    Can someone help me with this? How to make at least the paste menu?

  • Have you tried setting the selectByMouse property of TextField to true?

  • @stcorp Yes, I have tried that, but it does not work. Also, it's on android, I forgot to put it up, I'm sorry

  • Ok, I did a little bit of testing, and it seems that under Qt 5.7 I can't get the copy/paste menu to show up. If I use Qt 5.9, it will work, but instead of pressing and holding, you have to double tap some text inside the TextField (and make sure selectByMouse is set to true), and then the Android copy/paste menu will show up. However, I can't get the copy/paste menu to show up when there is no text in the TextField, which is kind of strange.

  • @stcorp if your issue is solved, please don't forget to mark it as such. Thanks.

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