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1966 Ford Pickup Qt Custom Raspberry Dash Idea.

  • I have a 1966 Ford that's I want to customize. It's not a show truck and it's definitely not original. I am thinking about creating a touchscreen digital dash powered by QT. I am thinking about using the Raspberry PI to power it.

    alt text

    I am not quite sure if I want to create a special mount and replace the entire dash with a flat surface or just place round LCD screens and have different functions for each.

    This will be my first embed project and I am wondering how can I order a special LCD screen to my exact specifications.

    I am thinking of doing something like this.... at the most basic level.

    So I am in the planning stages and wondering how to get to start on the visual touch screen parts.

    Any Ideas?

    I already know there are some on the market that is kinda cookie cutter mass-marketed versions... I am looking to do something unique.... and it's a fun project to play with.

  • @EatonCode what about OpenAuto project?

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