Debug QML plugin

  • Hi

    I'm currently trying to debug a QML plugin. For now I can only build in release otherwise the qmlviewer don't want it. And I need to specify in my project what executable I used ( qmlviewer) and the command argument for it.Then organize all my source. Finally, I manage to make all this work (define import path, qmldir,...). But this doesn't allow me to debug just run . I will also need to rebuild Qt to have a debug qmlviewer and then redo all this work with other lib and stuff.

    So I'm asking is there a simple way to debug qml plugin. For now it's really hard and it should only be a click on debug icon, then selection of the main qml file, maybe a working dir. But maybe I'm missing something ?

  • Perhaps you could create a simple C++-based Qt Quick application from the wizard in Creator, and then use that to load and debug your QML, rather than using the qmlviewer app.

  • Ok I will explore this. But that still not seems quite easy. To load a plugin in this app I will just need to add import path ?

  • There are a number of good tutorials around for using QML plugins in different scenarios. I don't have any references handy, but Google knows about them. If I get a chance, I'll post the ones I know of.

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