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Disable X11 Window Manager Composition

  • Hi,

    is there a way for a Qt application to disable the composition, that
    the compositor ignores the application window for the composition?


  • Not really. That sort of thing would be a setting for the window manager.

    That said, if you are using a compositing window manager and your window isn't included in the composite, then it would just be invisible.

    What are you actually trying to accomplish?

  • @wrosecrans
    What I really meant by non compositing is that the
    application window should always be opaque, windows
    behind it should never shine through.

    The concrete issue I've is with the QGLWidget, that the
    alpha value of its content is considered by the compositor
    and windows behind shine through in the QGLWidget.

    Strangley I've this issue only when run with the software
    OpenGL library Mesa, but not with the OpenGL driver.

    Changing the opacity of the QGLWidget with 'setWindowOpacity' doesn't seem to have any effect.

  • Hi Daniel,

    We are experiencing the same issue. incorrect transparency, when using mesa and compositor.
    Do you see this issue with QOpenGLWidget or with QOpenGLWindow ?
    Did you find a solution ?

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