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OpenGL Core Profile not supported on the current platform (Linux)

  • In my cross-platform application I have to use OpenGL 3.3 with Core profile and I set these properties as default application QSurfaceFormat. Everything works fine, my graphics are correct and OpenGL 3.3 Core is fully supported by my system.

    I'm now porting my code from QtWebKit to QtWebEngine and updating the Qt version.
    I tested different versions of Qt (5.9.3, 5.10.1 and 5.11.0) but on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) QtWebEngine is complaining about the OpenGL profile and this warning is printed on the console when the application is started:

    Warning: An OpenGL Core Profile was requested, but it is not supported on the current platform. Falling back to a non-Core profile. Note that this might cause rendering issues.

    Why is the OpenGL Core profile supported by the Qt application but not by QtWebEngine?
    What can I do to avoid this warning in QtWebEngine?

    Thank you!

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