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Problems to execute compiled code after Installation of Windows10

  • Hello,
    I have severe problems.
    I use the Windows 10 together with Qt 5.9.2
    After an Update to version 1803 build17134.48
    some days ago,
    I cannot start any code newly compiled with Qt.Creator.
    Before the Windows Update , I had no problem at all.

    I got my projects up and running using mingw32 and VisualStudio 2015.
    WHEnN I TRY TI START THE compiled Code,
    In debug mode, i get a Dialog Box:

    "During startup program exited with code 0xc000007b"

    and on the console I get the text:

    Debugging starts
    FTH: (16348): *** Fault tolerant heap shim applied to current process. This is usually due to previous crashes. ***
    Debugging has finished

    Is there anything known,
    e.g. that Windos 10 versio 1803 only excuctes cetrified code any more?

  • Hi, I have some Qt apps running on Win10 1803 build17134.48, they're built with MSVC 2015 and not mingw32 but it shouldn't matter, mingw32 code should run just fine as in previous Win10 versions.

    Error ' code 0xc000007b' usually happens with there's a mixup of 64-bit ands 32-bit .dlls loaded into your .exe file.

    Do you get the same error when your build your app for Release mode?

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