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Qt Installer Framework, updating the installer's Watermark image

  • Hi all,
    we update our Windows software with the Qt IFW since several years via online updates.
    Now, I try to replace the Watermark image on the first screen of the installer wizzard. I was able to replace the maintenancetool.exe v2.0 by the new version of the maintenancetool.exe v3.0 with the script given here:
    I commented out all lines belonging the @TargetDir@/update.rcc, because in our installation there is no such file. The update runs without error.
    But the Watermark image does not change or if I rename the Watermark image in the update, the image is not shown at all. What am I missing? Can somebody help me?

  • Hello!
    I have the same problem, but I want to replace the scripts inside the maintenanceTool, and they all seem to be inside the internal resource file, along with the images.

    If you find a way to do it i would really like to know how you've done!


  • I got it!

    I followed qt's own installer procedure, you need to create the .rcc file at the same time you create the installer binary.

    The command is the same but with "-rcc" at the end, it will create only the resource file you need with the new scripts and images.

    Then you can use this line :

    installer.setValue("DefaultResourceReplacement", normalizedUpdateResourceFilePath);

    And after the maintenancetool closes, it will replace the binary with the right resource file! :-D

  • Hi @pagiguere ,
    thanks for your reply!
    I followed your hint and compiled the update.rcc and added the "DefaultResourceReplacement" part in my installscript.qs. But I have still no updated watermark image.
    Do I have to include the update.rcc in a special way? What I did so far is to create the structure like in qt's own installer. The installscript.qs is in the folder and the files tempSDKMaintenanceTool.exe and update.rcc are in
    After the update, the maintenancetool.exe is updated successfully. But there is no file update.rcc in the same folder.

  • Yeah, after the installer changes, it removes the .exe and the .rcc used to update the maintenanceTool.

    But the path to the watermark image in the .rcc must be the same as the original one in the config.xml file.
    Although I tested with a different "Banner" image, the Watermark must be the same, it uses the new images after a restart.

  • @pagiguere you made my day! Thanks a lot! The problem was the different filename for the new watermark image. With the old name it works as intended.

  • No problem,
    you pointed me in the right direction in the first place, all about a good community!

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