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QGraphicsView - track mouse position without press?

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    I have few qGraphicItems in my scene/view. I'd like to enlarge them if mouse is within x distance from the item. So that pressing on them is easier in case they are small.

    Can any1 suggest how I can track the mouse in graphic view & more ?

    I tried getting mouseMoveEvent and then somehow see if there is a "visible items" array in view to loop over to check their position/distance from mouse. But the mouseMoveEvent don't get fired till the mouse button is pressed so that did not work.

    What other events can I use? Do I need to installe some event filter?

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    you need to enable the mouseTracking with setMouseTracking(true) for graphicsView. Then you can track the mouseMovment without press and move. Use setAcceptHoverEvents(..) on GraphicsItem

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