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Multitouch issue with QPushButton

  • I have a QT widgets application running on on multi-touch enable monitor. In this configuration I'm seeing the following issue with QPushButtons.

    Imagine a simple application with 2 push buttons. Press the first button, while still holding the first button press the second button, then release the first button, followed by releasing the second button. You will notice, after releases both buttons, the first button remains with a depressed look. It appears the second button never gets the release event.

    It is fairly easy to reproduce this issue in QT creator as well. Touch the green triangle used to run an the current project, then while holding the first button press somewhere else within QT creator. Then release the green triangle and the second finger. You will notice the green triangle remains with a depressed look.

    I've found the following bug report that appears similar to this issue, but isn't exactly the same. Wondering if this is a known issue and if anyone knows of a workaround.

    As a side question, I don't really need multitouch gestures in my application. Is it possible to disable multitouch support with my QT application?

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    QpushButton grab the mouse
    so if you hold it it pressed and move outside its clientArea it would still get the release event. However that strategy seems not to work super well with multitouch.

    Im not aware of the possible to make it use mouse Emulation ( disable multi touch) as
    that is normally handled by driver and set in its user app.
    I have not seen one that can do it on an application basic.

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