Forcing an Aspect Ratio when resizing a main window frame

  • I understand that in Qt4, there is no single flag you can set to have the mouse driven resizing of the window maintain a certain aspect ratio (say, 1:1). Is there a way to force a new size for the window while in "resizeEvent (QResizeEvent * event)"? the parameters of the event don't seem to support change or give the user a chance to inject a new size.

    My goal: GUI/Mouse resizing of a certain window frane will maintain its current aspect ratio, regardless of where you resize it from (sides, top, bottom, corners).

  • You should be able to use QSizePolicy::setHeightForWidth(true) + override QWidget::heightForWidth().

  • Did it. my main window frame still re-sizes the same way, my virtual "heightForWidth()" isn't even called.

  • How are you doing it? And which OS/WM are you using? (Now that I reread those methods docs, they mention the equivalent counterparts in QLayoutItem... perhaps it's something good to investigate).

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