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Stopping a URL from re-freshing

  • Hi All

    I have loaded a URL into a QFrame using QWebView as follows:

     QUrl site("");

    On the website, there is a text box I wish the user to be able to enter text into.
    Unfortunately, the site refreshes every few seconds, and when this happens the focus on the text box is lost, so the user has to keep on re-clicking on the box to enter text.

    Is there anyway to keep focus on the text box (i.e. keep the text cursor flashing), or stop the page refreshing every 3 seconds?



  • @James-Sprinks is this behavior the same if you connect to that page using a web browser (i.e. Chrome or Firefox)? did you check the web page source code to see if there's any javascript code running the refresh?

  • Yep the behaviour is the same in terms of refreshing - but focus is not lost on the text box.


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