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Frustrating Installation Process - Helpful hints for Windows 10?

  • I've been struggling and tripping on various bugs with the Qt tool set. I am hoping that this can provide a little help for dealing with the install process for Qt tools and compiler selection for Windows 10.

    1. I've first found that I needed to install 4.6.1 which tripped my up because the QML editor doesn't recognize the QML library set in 4.6.0
      Qt Version!

    2. I had to remove the complete install and reinstall with the mingw compiler only. At that point I could get the tool to at compile and run. But when I go to run the QML Advanced Customer Material example I find out that the I get an out-of-memory error because the library dlls are compiled wrong with and are too big to load. So this is a dead end.

    3. I now go back to the maintenance tool and install MSVC2015, and MSVC2017 one by one each with a fresh install. With either arrangement I could not get the examples to work. They compile, run then crash when they start. I've tried to run the debugger but the debugger says it cant find a dll symbol.

    Not it turns out I am working with PyQt5/ Python 3 for my projects and I've been translating the examples to Python by looking/ running the C code and then looking for the same actions in Python. This work well as long as the compiler settings are all correct with the Qt install.

    It was only after installing the PyOpenGL version 3.1.0 that the Qt tools started working with MSVC2017. There seems to be some dependency on the OpenGL library in my system that was missing. I hope this helps some people with their install process.

    BTW I still can get Qt 3D Studio to run on my system. This is the screen I get when I start it up. Any help there would be useful.

    Qt3D Studio crash

    Is there a step by step process for selecting the preferred install settings for the Windows 10 platform?

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    What version of Qt did you install ?
    What graphics card are you using ?
    Did you check whether you had up to date drivers ?