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Check if all children of QNetworkAccessManager is running

  • How to check if all QNetworkReply of a QNetworkAccessManager is running?

    I tried like this but I get a bunch of errors:

        auto children = manager.findChildren<QNetworkReply *>();
        std::all_of(children.begin(), children.end(), [](auto child) {

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    @Mr-Gisa Going to assume (since I'm not sure) that QNetworkReply * are parented to the QNetworkAccessManager. In which case findChildren will work ... if that assumption is correct here is how you would do it:

    foreach (QNetworkReply *reply, manager.findChildren<QNetworkReply *>())
       if (reply->isRunning())
          // this request is still running, do whatever you want here

  • I solved it by doing:

    auto replies = manager.findChildren<QNetworkReply *>();
    auto running = std::all_of(replies.begin(), replies.end(), [](auto child) {
        return child->isRunning();

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