Broadcast YUV as MPEG-4 over the network

  • Hello,

    I have a YUV Video stream grabbed from my Camera.
    My audio signal is not relevant, I have ignored audio at all.
    When I put this YUV in a file, it is really huge (uncompressed).

    1 - Finally I would like to broadcast this grabbed camera signal as MPEG-4 (H.264) over the ether.
    2 - Therefore I would like to compress this huge data amount to broadcast it easier.

    I saw a Qt library called Phonon, which may handle those multimedia stuff? Can I compress my YUV to MPEG-4 with any Qt libraries. I also would appreciate a library which handles the video streaming stuff at all..

    Thanks for any hints.

    Cheers Murat

  • No, phonon is for media playback. I guess you want a solution like VideoLAN.

  • I always thought that VideoLAN uses ffmpeg stuff. But acording to the
    its oviously the other way around ;)

    Sounds interesting, I'll keep reading the documentation, thank you!

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