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Strange behaviour on n950

  • Hi all,
    i've created an app for the n950; it works very well, but if i kill it in task manager, relaunching it, it doesn't start anymore;
    so i've tried to launch it in the terminal and it gives me the following message:

    ERROR!!: lock reserved but no window id for binary name found

    In my .desktop file i'm using "/usr/bin/single-instance /opt/MyApp/bin/Myapp

  • For every single instance application there is a lock file created (/tmp/single-instance-locks/<application>/instance.lock if I remember correctly). I guess this lock persists when killing your application, which prevents single-instance from launching another instance.

  • Ok but so is a problem of the system that doesn't clear the lock...?

  • If i close my app with my close button, it always work; when i kill the app in the task manager it always doesn't restart!!!
    The lock file is always present in both case (closing the app)

  • I think single-instance should release the lock even when the application gets terminated.

    However, I am too little involved in Meego development to know why single-instance behaves this way or if this is a known limitation / bug. Probably the Meego forums or the Meego mailing list are better places to discuss this question.

  • Ok, but for that reason, ovi publisher has unpublished my app!

  • You should look from the page below how to do single instance apps in Harmattan (it's very badly documented by Nokia...)


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