Qt for Symbian Beginner, Which should i choose Qt Quick or Qt widget?

  • Hi all forum members,
    I am new to Qt, and I had to develop an application which is having multiple screen (Screen navigation from one to other UI). I went through Qt examples. In the Qt creator new project wizard i found Qt quick and QWidget projects. I know the Qt quick uses QML for the UI building and that i don't know. I would like to know how to implement Qt widget based mobile application wich is having custom ui and multiple screens ?

    Also it would be helpful if a sample Mobile Qt Application with multiple screen and custom ui will be provided...

    Thanks in advance...


    Edit: Fixed typo in title; mlong

  • I suggest start with Qt Quick. It is as simple as a Javascript. And the main advantage is that you will start using mobile specific ui components that are designed for touch based devices. You can very well do the same with Qt Widget, but I do not recommend it because the target you mentioned in mobile device, note that it does not mean that Qt Widgets are not capable of doing.

    By the way welcome to Qt Quick world.

    Checkout http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7-snapshot/qdeclarativeexamples.html

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