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QWidgets fade-in and out

  • Im actually want to try to fade some QWidgets. I saw Examples on the Internet with fading Opacity of a QWidget of a Property. I dont try it yet, but i want to ask if my Idea works.

    My Plan is to set a vertical layout, with Example of 2 QWidgets. One is shown with maximum Height and the other is hidden with Height of Zero. Now i want to fade it and want to try to change the Height slowly from the shown and the hidden QWidget. The One that is shown decreases in Height and the hidden One increases in Height. My Target is to make a Fadeeffect from One to Antoher QWidget. Anyone has Experience with that or has build a similar Effect?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    QAnimation works fine for small widgets. However, for larges ones, it tends to lag a bit.
    Anyway, this uses animation to slide open
    Fading Opacity also works but if in layout it will just fade to not visible but will not
    release it place in layout so not sure thats is what u are after.

  • I have a QMainWindow with a QToolbar on the left Side and actually a QWidget on the right Side. Later i want to switch the QWidget on the right Side, when i press Buttons in the QToolbar to show Content.
    Its possible that the Content QWidgets on the right Side are Big and has more then 2-3 other Widgets. I just want to fade the Content on clicking the QToolbar. Im going to try it later. At the Moment im not really sure how i do that.

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