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Staff position at CERN (Geneva) to work on next generation GUI technology for the LHC and the other accelerators

  • At CERN, we are currently re-thinking the way we develop the GUIs that are used in the CERN Control Center (CCC) to control the LHC and the other accelerators.
    We plan to use Qt/QML in combination with Python, Java and TypeScript. From a technical viewpoint, we want to make the visual layer as thin as possible and to cleanly separate it from the business logic, using a serverless/FAAS or similar architecture.

    In this position, you would, amongst others:

    • Define architectural aspects of RAD/UI solutions, including how they are integrated into the accelerator controls system
    • Evaluate open-source frameworks and libraries for RAD/UI development and for serverless/FAAS architectures
    • Design and develop controls-specific UI components, as well as extensions and customizations to the frameworks
    • Provide development tools that enable our users to easily develop their GUIs using the above solutions
    • Contribute back to the open-source community.

    If you want to participate in our new adventure please read on and apply here.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
    Vito Baggiolini
    (Leader of the Beam Controls Applications Section at CERN)

  • @vbaggiol
    Great to know that CERN/LHC are choosing to use Qt!

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