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take a screenshot for application runing on windows using QtScreen or anything

  • I want to take a screenshot for example to google chrome without being the current windows it may be minimized in the taskbar what I use to make a screenshot is this code

        QScreen *screen = QGuiApplication::primaryScreen();
        QPixmap pix = screen->grabWindow(0);

    this gets a screenshot for the current shown window I want to take a screen shot for the google chrome app running in the task manager on windows without being shown maybe it's minimized.
    what I want to finally done is to take a screenshot for the google chrome and cute some text from this image to get the current profile name that is it because I can't find anything to get this using google chrome API or something so if anyone has the solution for any of these question i appreciate this very much.
    this an image of what i want to get from google chrome
    alt text
    and my solution is to use some OCR and take a screenshot for the chrome even if it's minimized so any help please with any solution the main thing is to get google profile name in any way.
    Thanks in advance

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    Im not sure Qt can directly do that. (capture minimized window)
    I think u need to use API.

    Also, what profile do you mean ?
    There is
    But not sure it covers what u want.

  • Not helpful, just wanted to link the feature request for this to be added to the API:

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