Backporting SNI support to QT 4.7.4?

  • I have a device running various apps with QT 4.7.4 on top of Linux with openssl 0.9.8zh.
    Due to the circumstances I have, I can't upgrade to a newer QT on this device.
    Is there any way I can back-port the patch for SSL Server Name Indication (as mentioned in this bug ) to QT 4.7.4? Are there any other things I would also need to back-port? Would I need a newer OpenSSL for it to work?
    Or should I give up and replace my HTML code with something other than qhttp if I need SNI support?

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    it seems pretty local to the SSL classes so most likely it would just port.
    However, having a custom Qt might not be the best solution in the long run so
    if possible to replace the qhttp without much fuss it would most likely be more optimal.

  • I just applied the patches and QT is now building, I will see if it builds (and then modify the app).
    Its already a custom fork of QT 4.7.4 so adding extra patches to that isn't a major problem for my use case :)

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    i cross fingers it just works then !
    If already custom, then cheap fix yes :)

  • The backport worked and SNI is now working.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Good work!
    And thx for reporting back.

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