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how connect() function behave differently in movetothread

  • I used moveToThread() to move the worker object ,in which i'm doing setSocketDescripter, and I have connected two connection readyRead and disconnect in worker class. Rest of the connections are there in the server class. and the code is working fine.
    I have created a Qvector of QTcpSockets in server class which is global.
    Now if I move one connection from server class to the worker class, the size of the vector becomes zero.
    in worker class ::
    connect(this,SIGNAL(aboutToWrite(QByteArray, QTcpSocket *)),S,SLOT(messageFromclient(QByteArray, QTcpSocket *)));

    in server class::
    connect(worker,SIGNAL(aboutToWrite(QByteArray, QTcpSocket *)),this,SLOT(messageFromclient(QByteArray, QTcpSocket *)));

    in messageFromClient() slot , i'm sending messages to all the sockets connected but when I move this connection to worker class , the vector size becomes zero even if there are multiple clients connected.

  • I think the connection should be done outside the worker class , as worker class will only be called when its required.

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    Can you show your actual code ?

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