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Windows 10 Mobile app development using Qt 5.10.1

  • Hi all,

    I recently decided to develop a Windows 10 mobile app using Visual Studio 2017, Qt 5.10.1 and Qt VS Tools 2.2.1 . My first trial using a windows 10 mobile emulator was successful (because this emulator accepts x86 compiled apps). With a "real" device however things apparently become more difficult. The first problem I encounter is that when starting a new Qt project in Visual Studio, I am not able to use the ARM solution platform. Every time I change to ARM instead of x86 I get an error telling me that no Qt version is assigned to this project. When I then assign the armv7 Qt version, my solution platform suddenly switches to x86 and still no Qt version is set to the ARM solution platform. The second problem I encounter is that in Qt Creator options, the Qt 5.10.1 for UWP armv7 (MSVC 2017) kit tells me that the device type is not supported by Qt version. Is it indeed a fact that Qt 5.10.1 does not support windows 10 mobile? Or what is happening here?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    @BCuypers See
    Is your host "Windows 10 (x86_64) Creators Update"?
    Also, as far as I know Microsoft will not continue to develop Windows Mobile, so why starting to develop apps for it?

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