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QtCreator Profiler only gathers data for .2s

  • We have a moderate sized project we developed using QtCreator and would like to use the profiler. It is a combination of C++ and QML code (using Quick Controls 2) - no Qt C++ widgets.

    However, when we start the app with the profiler, it only profiles for .2s. Has anyone had similar behaviour and/or have any idea what may cause this?

    Our main() launch function actually creates two QQmlApplicationEngine instances - one for the splash screen and one for the rest of the app. Once initialized, the splash screen instance is destroyed, however, that takes ~30s, not .2s.
    Also (in case it is relevant), our back-end creates and joins a large number of separate (non-UI) threads during the ini process.

    Appreciate if anyone has any ideas or pointers to similar cases that may help.


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