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qtwebengineprocess.exe high cpu usage on rendering

  • Hi,
    i'm a new QT developer, i built an application with QWebEngineView to open company web portal.
    When i open chat page with long history for example 400 messages, the process qtwebengineprocess.exe cpu usage grows.
    With some pc, the process use from 20% to 40% CPU, i tried also with simplebrowser example and i have the same situation. I tried understand the problem and update video driver (Video card is Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000), have improved a bit the performance, but not resolved the problem. I've tried with QT 5.10.1 and also with Qt 5.11 beta, but i have the same problem. I tried check web page to know what chat page do and i've notice that cpu increase when the process render a big number of chat messages. I have another CPU spike when web page sets "display:none" in <div> that contain chat messages, this operation freeze page for a bit. I tried with relative chromium version, but i haven't this problem.

    Someone know anything about this?
    Thank you.

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