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Does Qt Creator support fractional HiDPI?

  • Using the latest (as of today) Creator on Windows 10 1709 at 150% scaling and Creator scales at 200%. Does it not support fractional scaling? I have tried some environment variables I found while searching for a solution but they cause Creator to rendering at the right size but with blurry text, etc.

    Is there a decent solution to get 150% scaling support?

  • @satysin

    I might be wrong, but I would consider this more to be a graphic's driver issue than an issue of Qt creator.

    If tihs is really a Qt creator's issue, probably it would be better to ask the question on the developer's mailing list.

  • I am not sure how this is a graphics driver issue when Creator is the only program I am using that has this issue. I will check out the dev mailing list, thanks.

  • @satysin

    Typically you have a couple of drivers running in the background, you will not really note.
    Those drivers are for printing, displays and some other peripheral stuff. For displays you require a common handling through drivers. If this would be handled by each application individually you would probably have a lot resolution changes as soon as you use another application. You go to your desktop of windows and do a right click, there should a window popping up and allows the changing of diverse graphics parameters.

  • @koahnig Seems that Qt does not have support for fractional scaling so it rounds up from 1.5 (150%) to 2.0 (200%). Work on supporting fractional scaling is very slow

    Looks like this will be an issue for all Qt-based applications but I cannot confirm this.

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