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Tri states checkable button

  • Hello,
    I would like to make a Tri states checkable button.
    How can I achieve this ?

    My goal here is to have a picture and when the user click on it, it change and show different functions and I want to be able to switch between 3 different mode at only one place. Maybe I have a bad idea of how doing it, if so please tell me the best solution.


  • Hi,
    use a QCheckBox it is a tri-state button.

  • @Alain38-0
    What does the checkState() method on this kind of checkbox ?

  • If you create a QCheckBox, and then set it as tri-state button (you have to call the function setTriState as explained in the class documentation), the checkState returns three possible values: Checked, Unchecked, and PartiallyChecked. For more details, please refer to the documentation of QCheckBox

  • @Alain38-0
    Thank you for your answer and your time.

    If you still have time for me is there a way to make a X-states button/checkbox ? (Just because I'm interested)

  • QCheckBox is derived from QAbstractButton. As QAbstractButton is normally for two-states buttons and QCheckBox adds a new state, I think that it should be possible to create its own x-state button. For this you will have to override the protected function nextCheckState.

  • Ok if one day I have to do something like this I'll try. Thank you

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