qt5 - linux why no 32bit kit?

  • Ubuntu17.10 + Qt5.10.1

    When I install qt in ubuntu, I found it only provide three kits(GCC x64, for Android armv7, for Android x86).

    That means I can't write a 32bit-qt program directly, my friends on the Internet told me I can get it myself by compiling the source code.

    but I still want to know why the official didn't provide the 32bit-GCC-kit????

  • Very few people need the 32 bit only builds. If you need something uncommon like that, you'll need to build it yourself. If you look at the Ubuntu download page for 17.10, there isn't even a link for the 32 bit desktop version:


    If Ubuntu isn't even making 32 bit desktop readily available to end users, I can't imagine very many people would download the Qt SDK for it these days.

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    @Limer Because the Qt Company already supports a big amount of different OS/platforms/CPU architectures. There is simply not enough resources to support even more. And 32bit Linux isn't that important platform any-more (who uses 32 bit still?). If you don't need latest Qt you can simply install Qt provided by your 32bit Linux distribution.

  • @wrosecrans That's true. No 32bit ubuntu17.10.

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