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How to divide a project into submodules?

  • I'm working on a project which is currently comprised of two static libraries, a GUI application and a command line. The project is organized as a subdirs project that defines dependencies between the library modules, command line application and GUI application. As the GUI application grew, a couple of its components started to increase in size and complexity. I would like to move those components into independent submodules of the GUI project, preferably as static libraries. Yet, as those components are only used by the GUI application I want to avoid moving them out of the GUI project and next to the library modules. Does anyone know if there is a way to organize a project tree so that a GUI project includes submodules in its subdirectories?

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    Do you mean like Creators source where most things are plugins and have their own .pri file and its just included in the master .pro file?

    • so that a GUI project includes submodules in its subdirectories?
      If a submodule in this context could be a complete sub project using a .pri file and not a .pro file then yes.
      But im not sure i understand fully what you need.

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    You can make you GUI project a subdir project the same way you did for the rest of the project.

    Take for example Qt's own sources, these are mainly subdir projects within subdir projects.

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