Adding to GridLayout dynamically

  • I am trying to create some objects and add them to a GridLayout dynamically. I have a couple of questions on how to pull it off.

    I have the GridLayout created.

        id: grid
        anchors.fill: parent
        rowSpacing: 2
        columnSpacing: 2

    I am creating objects to populate it like this

    var object = Qt.createComponent("MyObject.qml");
    var instance = object.createObject(grid);

    Will this actually add the object to the grid? How can I set Layout properties on the object, for example Layout.fillHeight?

  • @krobinson hi,

    see this exemple from

    function createSpriteObjects() {
        component = Qt.createComponent("Sprite.qml");
        sprite = component.createObject(appWindow, {"x": 100, "y": 100});
        if (sprite == null) {
            // Error Handling
            console.log("Error creating object");

  • After a bit more research I have realized that I am creating a Component object. So I cant just set the layout attached property on there. I need to access the actual item defined in the Component. How can I do that? Doing it by name just seems to be undefined.


    That just returns undefined. How do I access the internal items in the component?

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