ScrollViews and stackVIews

  • Hi everybody
    I have few questions about things i can't do :

    • I want to change the content of a view when i click on a button ( actually its inside a scrollView , maybe there is something for that case ) , kinda having a view inside a view no ?

    • When i use the scrollView and go down with it the content of this view go in front of the other things in the page that aren't in the scrollView , do you have a solution ?

    Thanks for your helping , my project is going very fast .

  • So you've got two different things you'd like to show inside a scroll view, depending on how a toggle button is set?

    You could just put both items inside the scroll view, and change the opacity of one or the other of the items to hide it. You'll have to update the size of the scrollView's content when you switch back and forth.

    I'm not sure what the problem is in your second question. It sounds as if you've put things at the bottom of the first page in a scroll view, and they're scrolling off the top. If you want a footer to stay around while you scroll above it, then the content of that footer should be outside the scroll view.

  • Hi , someone answered me somewhere else for the first question , the answer was using Loader{}

    For the second question i can show a picture it maybe a better way.
    On the first picture you can see a black ligne which is the delimitation between the scrollview and the others things on the app, down its scrollview , up it's not .
    first :
    I want when i scroll my view that the content down the line disappear , i don't want it to go in front of the two button up the black line.
    As you can see in the second one it's not working and it's going in front.
    second :

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