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How to create an Android lib with tests using Qt

  • There is any way to create an Android lib using Qt and add to this libs some test. Any small example about how to achieve that? I have a project composed by static lib and I want to add a SUBDIR with test. I have created that SUBDIR but I cannot run this test using QtCreator because androiddeployqt always returns code 7. I cannot find any documentation about create a QtTest for Android lib so I'm looking for any help or example.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @Juan-Garcia

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    What do you mean with Android lib?
    What is special that call it Android lib?

    Basically all applications from my point of view, that might be limited, you develop with Qt creator can be compiled also for a desktop OS such as windows, MacOs, and linux. Therefore, I would simply write tests on the desktop I am using for my development. A restriction I see is that there is a slight chance that one of the special Android libraries does not work properly.

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