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Off subject, just curiousity, no technical issues.

  • I was curious here, how developers write application wizards, they can click the next button, but the next buttons, and previous buttons never move, how is this done anyway? I wouldn't even know how to even look that type of information up on the docs, or anything else. I'm just assuming it's a QWidget set as a central widget, also how the wizard install's the required DLL's, and/or files it would need to run properly, been kind of interested in that for quite some time... This isn't really a question, but just an off topic ordeal.

  • I'm not quite sure what we are talking about here but have you seen the "Trivial Wizard Example":

    If it is about installers look "here":

  • On the subject of a Wizard:

    As I'm a visual type of chap and use the QCreator where I can, I would have create a form that contained a header area, content area and a button area. I would then create a new frame which I insert into the content area depending on where I was during the wizzard.

    But that's just the way I would approach it which is by all means not the best :)

  • Using [[Doc:QWizard]] is the far more comfortable solution.

  • Indeed. QWizard is quite good for such things. A nice new feature is that you can also insert your own widgets now beside the page. That gives options for inserting a widget to use for navigation between pages, for instance, if you want to enable moving back to a previous page quickly.

  • Glad you posted this. I was also as curious as you are. Will check out the suggestions. thanks!

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